Avoid Using Stale Fuel

Problems caused by stale petrol can be avoided…

 Follow these simple tips :-

Which kind of Petrol should you use?

  1. Regular unleaded 98, 95, 95 E5 or E10 can be used in most garden machinery products.
  2. Do not use any petrol containing more than 10% ethanol. This will cause corrosion damage to fuel system components.
  3. No negative effects from the use of Alkylate type petrol are anticipated. However, due to the availability of different Alkylate fuels, no recommendation for their use can be provided. Please refer to the instructions and data sheet provided by the Alkylate manufacturer for more information.
  4. If you use your petrol engined garden machinery product intermittently, which would mean 4 weeks or more between each use, you should only use petrol that has been treated with a good quality fuel stabiliser, this should be added at the time you purchase your fuel.
  5. Most fuel stabilisers have a shelf-life and its performance will deteriorate over time, once the bottle is opened, it has a maximum life of 2 years.
  6. It is important to note that fuel stabiliser will not reconstitute or reinvigorate stale petrol. It must only be added when the petrol is fresh.

How should petrol be stored?

  1. Petrol will start to deteriorate if stored for more than 1 month.
  2. Always add fuel stabiliser to fresh petrol which is likely to be stored for more than 1 month.
  3. Only use clean, sealed, approved fuel containers, designed to specifically carry or store petrol.
  4. If petrol is stored in a steel container (eg a jerrycan) make sure there is no corrosion on the inside of the container.
  5. Always store petrol in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Maintenance of your product.

  1. Turn the fuel tap off, when the machine is not being used.
  2. Before use, check the engine oil level is correct and ensure the air filter is clean.
  3. Before winter storage, drain the petrol from the carburettor and fuel tank (refer to owner’s manual for correct procedure) or add fuel that has been treated with stabiliser, which will extend the storage life of the petrol remaining in the fuel tank and carburettor. Fill the fuel tank to the recommended maximum level, using treated petrol. Run the engine for at least 5 minutes this will allow treated petrol to enter the carburettor, prior to storage.

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