Lawnmowing Safety Tips

More people end up in A&E from working in the garden, than playing sport!!!

A lot of people take great pride in the art of lawn mowing and find the whole process one of summertime tradition and relaxation. Well, that’s until they go and chop a toe off because they weren’t concentrating.

OK, that’s a bit extreme, but the truth is, lawnmowers can be dangerous, stats have even shown that more people end up in A&E because they’ve had an accident working on the garden, than for playing sports.

So, what are the dangers of lawn mowers, and how can you avoid them?

  1. Don’t trip – At the least hazardous end of the scale, make sure you keep track of the electricity cable after you’ve plugged your mower in and set off. You don’t want to get tangled up and have a nasty fall.
  2. Avoid a shock – Snagging the electric cable with the mower itself comes with its own, far greater, risks. Not only will you mangle the cable and have to make a trip to the mower service centre, you could give yourself an electric shock too.
  3. Plasters at the ready – Always take extreme care while fitting and cleaning mower blades – they are understandably sharp! We don’t want any cuts or lacerations.
  4. Don’t get burnt – Mower blades and engines can get very hot, so never refill the fuel tank just after use. Always wait until the mower has fully cooled down before touching.
  5. Watch where you’re going – If you’re lucky enough to have a lawn worthy of a sit-on mower, bravo, but always look where you’re going.
  6. Protect your eyes – You don’t know what could be lurking in long grass, ready to fly out when it’s disturbed, so pop on a pair of goggles just to be on the safe side.
  7. Keep pets indoors – For obvious reasons, you don’t want to accidentally give your dog a trim too…

Guy Barter from the Royal Horticulturalist Society offers these top tips for staying safe with your mower

  • Wear strong footwear, and in some cases ear defenders and face shield.
  • Use a cable guide to protect the cable of electric ones.
  • Use a residual current device (RCD) with electric mowers.
  • Disconnect electrical supply or spark plug before sharpening blades.
  • Use a strimmer rather than a mower on banks and other slopes. Consider plant cover for slopes.
  • Have any worn parts repaired by a reputable mechanic.
  • Clean machine after use.
  • Don’t let children use mowing machines.

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