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How to Get Your Garden Back in Shape

As many of us face the job of clearing up fallen trees, branches, and scattered debris, don’t be disheartened, we’ve got a few tips to help you get your garden back into perfect shape in time for Spring.

In this blog, we take a look at:

  • Tidy up the debris
  • Check trees for dead, damaged limbs or hanging branches and prune back any larger branches with a petrol chainsaw
  • Tame your shrubbery with a hedgetrimmer. For awkward or hard to reach hedges, consider a long reach hedgetrimmer
  • Sweep up fallen leaves with a garden leaf blower and vacuum
  • Get rid of all your leaves and branches with a shredder
  • Get ahead of the game and start weeding whilst the ground is still nice and damp

Tidy Up the Debris

As the country begins to deal with the aftereffects of storm damage, many of us now face the job of clearing up fallen trees, broken branches, and scattered debris from our beloved gardens.

But don’t be disheartened, if your garden is calling out for a bit of TLC, we’ve got a few tips to help you get it back into perfect shape.

Firstly, things often look worse than they are so take a good look around to assess the damage. The wind has probably caused quite a bit of a mess so start by gathering up any fallen branches, fence panels, children’s toys, or misplaced garden furniture.

Check Trees for Dead, Damaged Limbs or Hanging Branches

Hanging branches that could pose a further safety risk or create additional property damage. Prune back any smaller branches with clippers or secateurs. For tougher jobs, petrol chainsaws such as the 40cm (16″) 45cc Petrol Chainsaw will cut through thick branches with ease.

Tame Your Shrubbery With a Hedgetrimmer

If the strong winds and heavy rain wreaked havoc on your hedges, you might want to consider using a cordless long reach hedgetrimmer to tame your shrubbery while conditions are still wet.

Hedgetrimmers such as the 26cc Petrol Split Shaft Long Reach Petrol Hedgetrimmer and the cordless 20V Long Reach Hedgetrimmer with Battery & Charger, not only make the job of taming tall or awkwardly positioned hedges comfortable and safe but also help to minimize further damage, improve appearance, and encourage recovery.

Sweep Up Fallen Leaves With a Garden Leaf Blower and Vacuum

Next, have a good sweep up of fallen leaves, which could start to rot and make pathways dangerous if left unattended. Whilst a rake is a perfectly good option, you might want to invest in a garden leaf blower and vacuum which can deliver some extra benefits, with less physical effort!

Efficient and easy to use, there are three different types of leaf blowers available, namely the hand-held, back-pack, and walk-behind mower.

For medium, to large gardens, the 26cc Petrol Garden Blower and Vacuum is a good choice. Lightweight and powerful, it’s a combined petrol garden blower and vacuum with a variable airflow up to 114mph, with a trigger control to quickly and easily shift and then vacuum large piles of damp leaves and clippings. It can also be used to vacuum leaves that may have blown onto any flower beds without causing damage to your plants.

For larger scale clear-outs, you might want to think about upgrading to a model with an ergonomic backpack such as the 33cc 2 Stroke Backpack Blower or even a walk-behind leaf blower such as the 58cm Walk-Behind Vacuum and Blower, to completely take the weight off your shoulders!

Get Rid of All Your Leaves and Branches With a Silent Garden Shredder

When it comes to getting rid of all your leaves and branches, a silent shredder such as the Webb Electric Shredder works great in the final stage of tidying up your garden post-storm.

Equipped with transport wheels, it’s a versatile shredder that can be conveniently stored in your shed or garage and easily wheeled to exactly where you want it in the garden.

And Why Stop There? Get Ahead of the Game and Start Weeding!

Don’t let the storm put a dampener on your gardening. With Spring just around the corner, why not make a start on weeding whilst the ground is still nice and damp.

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