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What’s the Perfect Way to Maintain a Lawn Without All the Hard Work?

A healthy lawn is the heart of any garden so to invigorate some life back into your tired-looking turf, it’s time to start thinking about scarifying.

In this blog, we take a look at:

  1. Scarifier – why do you need one?

  2. What is a scarifier?

  3. Top tips for scarifying your lawn

  4. How to choose the right scarifier for your lawn size

Scarifier – Why Do I Need One?

The simple answer is thatch, which is the organic debris left under the surface of the lawn as part of the natural cycle of growth. Left to build up with weeds and other debris like dead grass cuttings and moss, this is generally bad news for your lawn. For small patches of lawn, a rake does the job of removing thatch well enough, but for larger lawns, this becomes a back-breaking, tedious, lengthy job! That’s where a powered scarifier can really help.

What is a Scarifier?

Similar in appearance to a lawnmower, a scarifier can come with a series of blades that cut through the soil to help with aeration and drainage, or a spring claw cassette to help to remove dead moss and other debris, whilst also aerating the soil.  They are available in electric and petrol motor versions.

2 in 1 Electric Scarifier & Lawn Rake in a garden

Top Tips for Scarifying your Lawn

1. Remove any debris from the lawn

2. Mow the lawn with a lawnmower on a low setting

3. Scarify the lawn on a high setting

4. Apply topsoil and grass seed to finish, applying more densely to bare patches

5. If it doesn’t rain, lightly water the lawn

6. Try not to walk over the patches you have heavily seeded to give the grass seed a chance to grow

7. When you next mow the lawn, set your lawnmower to a high cut

Choosing the Right Scarifier

There are different types of lawn scarifiers available, so the best starting place is to consider the lawn size.  

If it’s a medium to large-sized garden and has a nearby power source, an electric-powered scarifier such as the Webb Electric Scarifier is ideal.  Equipped with a premium 1500-watt motor, offering a sizeable 36cm working width and supplied with a 45-litre collector, it’s a fast and convenient way to refresh your lawn. Easy to clean, this model also features large wheels for easy manoeuvre and an adjustable working height for flexibility and ease of use.

Front profile of 2 in 1 Electric Scarifier & Lawn Rake

For larger areas or more heavy-duty work, you might want to consider a petrol lawn scarifier, such as the 40cm (16″) Petrol Lawn Scarifier & Raker which is equipped with a Webb DVO212-4-Stroke OHV petrol engine delivering 212cc of power for the toughest of scarifying and raking tasks.  Particularly effective for when deep scarification is required, this model is available with a choice of either the 18-steel blade scarifier or the 28-spring claw cassette. Featuring a 45-litre collection capacity, it is designed to remove moss, thatch, and dead grass and then penetrate the soil, allowing your lawn to breathe again.

The Grass Is Greener on the Other Side!

It may not be the most immediately rewarding of lawn care jobs, but taking the time to scarify will ultimately help you to achieve your luscious lawn. 

Buy Now!

The grass really is greener on the other side…of scarification.

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  1. Alan Morrison says:

    I have a WEESR electric scarifier. How can I get replacement cassettes for my machine and what are the parts numbers?

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