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Hedge Trimmer – Achieve a Cutting Hedge Garden for National Garden Day

In this blog, we look at:

  • Making a start on your hedges this National Garden Day 2022
  • How to choose the right hedge trimmer
  • Top tips for trimming your hedges

When it comes to improving your general well-being, hedge trimming is a great opportunity for you to get physical and achieve some great creative satisfaction this National Garden Day, which takes place on May 8th, 2022.

Choosing the Right Hedge Trimmer

If the prospect of hedge trimming feels a bit overwhelming, don’t worry, it’s not as intimidating as it seems with the right technique and tools. And with lots of different models to choose from, we’ve listed the most common types to suit your garden.

Corded Electric Hedge Trimmers

Suitable for smaller gardens and perfect for hedges growing close to home, corded hedge trimmers, such as the Webb Classic WEEHT500, are lightweight and great if you don’t fancy carting a heavy tool around. However, the obvious downside is that they are limited to the reach of the cord so you might want to opt for something else if you have a larger area to trim.

Petrol Hedge Trimmers

Featuring long run times, petrol trimmers are a great option for larger gardens and provide the freedom to move around without the restriction of wires. Suitable for use in all weathers, they are also a great option if you have any large hedges with thicker branches.

And, if you don’t fancy balancing on a ladder to reach taller shrubs, a long reach hedge trimmer, such as the Webb WEPKLRT  will help you to tackle any tall hedges from the safety of the ground. To tame tops, sides, and other hard-to-reach areas of hedgerows, many models, such as the Webb WEPHT26, also feature articulating trimmer heads, which offer a 90-degree cutter head for enhanced flexibility.

Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmers

Don’t fancy maintaining a petrol engine but need to keep a hornbeam hedge in shape? A cordless trimmer could be your best bet. Quiet and light, a cordless model makes it easy to move around the garden freely, with no snagging cords or extension leads. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, long-reach hedge trimmers such as the Webb WEV20HT, will provide you with a powerful, comfortable, and safe way to maintain any high or awkwardly positioned hedges.

Hedge Cutting Tips:

  • Remove any branches that are dead or diseased
  • Prune new hedges from an early stage to establish shape and promote healthy growth
  • Shear the hedge so that the base is wider than the top. This ensures that the bottom foliage gets maximum sunlight
  • Only ever remove 25% of the external branches
  • Trim the hedge to your desired shape
  • Use strings as a guideline to trim hedges into an even shape
  • Compost any clippings
  • Always check that there are no birds nesting in the hedges.

A beautiful landscape is a perfect way to promote a clear mind, so now you’re armed with the basics and the right tool, a relaxing garden space is within your reach.

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  1. Andrew Luce says:

    Thanks for the helpful article on hedge trimmers! It’s great to have a resource that explains the different types and features so clearly. I appreciate the tips on maintenance and safety as well. Keep up the good work!

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