Webb Lawnmower Review

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Tried and Tested: Webb Lawnmowers

Reviewed by Tommy Cross Garden TV Presenter and Landscape Business Owner www.myhomeground.co.uk

Webb 48cm (19″) Alloy Deck Disc Bladed Self Propelled Petrol Rotary Lawnmower WER19ALSP 

Webb 53cm (21″) Alloy Deck Disc Bladed Self Propelled Petrol Rotary Lawnmower WER21ALSP 

Webb 48cm (19″) WER19ALSP and Webb 53cm (21″) Self Propelled WER21ALSP 

This aluminium decked machine is available in 2 sizes and both are more than capable of tackling even the most grandiose of gardens – I set both models to work on an area of paddock grass lawn approximately 0.8 of an acre in size. with the lawn, roughly 4 cm in length – and they provided great results – as would be expected from a brand whose heritage is based on mowing machinery excellence!

Both machines look the part too – the iconic Webb logo and the classic “racing green chassis” topped off with a premium Briggs and Stratton Engine. The 21″/53cm uses the 163cc Briggs and Stratton Engine while the smaller (but not by much!) 19″/48cm has a 150cc engine. The body looks and feels strong as too do the pilot handles – all secured tightly into place using the quick-release levers. The wheels are big, grooved and rugged enough to withstand the verges and gravel paths/areas in the yard and grounds. Ideal for maintaining traction over terrain, but it was in the rough stuff where both mowers really come into their own – I was able to devastate the dandelions, blitz the banks and mow down the meadow grass in the paddock without either unit skipping a beat. 

Down at the business end, the clever cutting blade comprises 4 retractable steel blades – much shorter than a conventional mower blade – these are secured on individual mounting nuts allowing the blade to push back into the main rotary disc – meaning if – as we did – you hit the odd stone/brick/manhole cover you will avoid causing either your mower or the driver any damage! But this is NO gimmick – both units gave crisp consistent cuts on formal and paddock grass – and the generous grass boxes ( a HUGE 70LTRs! on the 53cm unit) filled up evenly without any noticeable “side spray” or jamming.

The 53cm unit comes with a side discharge – which is great on paddock or meadow grass!  Webb could have been forgiven for compromising here but the side chute felt strong and attached easily and securely leaving neat lines of fine mulch across the lawn! The single lever height adjustment felt strong and smooth as too did the start of both units. The self-drive is smooth and powerful – finding the sweet spot somewhere between pedestrian and pacey! It was also a real asset on the steep banks around the garden.

 “ This is a brilliant mower for large areas of lawn and would be ideal for someone wanting to maintain grounds, paddocks or pasture without having to go to the great expense of a commercial-grade mower. The Webb 19 and 21″ Petrol Aluminium Deck Mowers are both built like tanks and you’ll soon be conquering the grounds or garden with them in no time!  ”

What I Liked About the Webb Lawnmowers

Build quality, Power, Retractable cutting blades, Large strong wheels, and HUGE collection bags. The Webb Petrol Aluminium Deck Mowers are both built like tanks and you’ll soon be conquering the grounds or garden with them in no time!

The Webb Lawnmowers Is Ideal For?

Large areas of lawn would be ideal for someone wanting to maintain grounds, paddocks or pasture without having to go to the great expense of a commercial-grade mower.

6 thoughts on “Webb Lawnmower Review

  1. Mark Parsons says:

    Just purchased a Webb classic 46. First cut all good however, on the promotional video it said it can cut grass at knee height, I tried this in one area and it cuts out.

    • Nathan Dukes says:

      Hello Mark. Thank you for your feedback – We would be keen to find out a little more information on your troubles. Did you have the side chute in place when trying to cut the longer grass. This should allow the machine to dispurse the cut grass, away from the underside of the deck, and prevent the mower from cutting out. Kind Regards Webb Garden Power.

  2. Dennis field says:

    I’ve had this mower about 5 years,trouble free for the first 2 then developed starving problem tried all usual things filter, fuel line jet cleaning, but it still persists, seems once carb bowl is empty it starved, has anyone had a sticking float problem as this seems to be the only cause left to explore.

    • Nathan Dukes says:

      Good Morning. Thank you for your question. Blocked fuel jets and / or sticking floats can occur is a mower has been left with fuel in for a prolonged period of time. Most lawnmower manufacturers, including ourselves, do not recommend using petrol that is more than 28 days old (from purchase) – unless it has been treated with a product such as sure start. This includes not leaving a mower with fuel in the tank / carb over the winter months. Petrol degrades over this period of time and can begin to separate and become thicker, even more so with E10 fuel. Hopefully you will find that having the carb cleaned, and using fresh fuel will resolve the starting problem you are having with your mower. Kind Regards, Webb Garden Power.

  3. Roger Stebbings says:

    Just received my webb cordless 43 lip looks and feels great used it today for the first time , only used it once but I’m very happy with it much lighter than my old hayter 41 petrol mower only one thing at the moment because you can get the same mower with two 4 a battery’s only £100 more but if you buy a battery after they are £190 should have paid the extra .saying that I’m happy with my purchase

  4. Edwyn Jones says:

    Just brought a WER18HW. Superb service, delivered next day straight into garage ( Box weighs 30kg)> Came with oil. Machine easy to assemble. Collecting box a bit fiddly using 2 bolts .Strong B & S Engine. Very manouverable.Large collection box and fairly quiet. Cuts very well.Pros. Light weight. Manouvarable. Good collection box. Quiet.Plenty of height adjustments. Brggs & Stratton Engine.Cons. Chinese made. Tendency for front to tip up when colldction box full.Need to adjust stance.Second year warranty only if prefessionally serviced ( aka #80/100). Would recommend, Buyer 79 yrs old.

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