How to Deal With Autumn Leaves

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What to Do When the Autumn Leaves Fall

While it’s sad to see summer go, Autumn is a stunning time of year to watch the tree’s foliage turn shades of red, orange, and yellow.

With the arrival of autumn comes a task that every gardener dreads: clearing those fallen leaves. It might seem tempting to just leave them where they fall, but leaves can cause problems for the lawn you spend all summer tending. They will also smother and damage small and fragile plants too.

What Is the Best Way to Remove Fallen Leaves?

There are different ways you could do this – you could sweep them up manually with a broom or rake (which would take quite some time), or you could blow them away with a leaf blower (a much quicker solution)!

Today there’s a brilliant choice of machines from cordless, to corded to petrol-powered all with fantastic functions for different tasks and sizes of garden and all of them provide quick, thorough, and easy results from enjoyable and simple machine use.

Webb 26cc petrol garden blower and vacuum

What is the Best Blower/Vacuum for a Medium to Large Garden?

If you want the freedom of a cordless machine and incredible power to cover very large areas, then the Webb 26cc petrol garden blower and vacuum with its 2-year warranty is the ideal machine. This machine can pack power without being too heavy to use for long periods of time. At speeds up to 114 mph, it’ll quickly clear leaves and other garden debris without any problem at all. With its mulching rate at 12-1, you can really save some space by turning 12 bags of leaves into just one bag!

A 2-year warranty gives peace of mind, and remember you can simply alternate between blow and vacuum mode as you need.

These machines are also enjoyable and very easy to use and they can be used on other tasks around your garden too – such as cherry blossoms in spring, or grass and hedge clippings in summer!

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