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Written and presented by Adam Woolcott

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Hosting a Memorable Bonfire or Christmas Garden Party

It’s that strange time of year again when we’re thinking of bonfire night or Christmas all at the same time! One similarity between all of these celebrations is that they all have an element of enjoying the outside. Be it fireworks displays or in the form of outside lights and decorations, there are many ways to do this.

Here are my top tips for a perfect garden party!

Bringing Illuminations to Your Outdoor Space

garden party - Bonfire night

As we all know, autumn and winter in the UK can be very drab, grey and sometimes even a little depressing. Therefore, as an evening slips into the dark and cold of night, you can make the most of your garden. It’s always fantastic to see the colour and sparkle of outside lights and decorations. Brightening up homes and gardens, bringing a smile to cold faces and creating magic in the dark.

Bonfire night, or Guy Fawkes as I prefer to call it, is one of those great outside celebrations. Many of us now go to organised displays, but of course, you can still enjoy your own celebrations at home. In recent years, with the development of LED lights and battery and solar-powered lights – it’s cheaper, safer and easier than ever to light up your spaces. Luckily, there’s now a myriad of different types of outdoor lights that you can use for your party decorations. These range from string lights, stand-alone lamps, and lights that can be hung from trees & shrubs. Many are multicoloured and have remote controls for all kinds of settings.

Whatever space you have, be it a balcony, paving, or grass – you’ll find something to make it shimmer and sparkle! You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes.

Fire and Food: Creating the Perfect Atmosphere

One thing we can all do for our bonfire night is serve up hot and warming food. Mugs of tomato soup, jacket potatoes and marshmallows all go down a treat. And what’s a marshmallow without a fire to toast them on? There are lots of options available to have yourself a real fire outside. Chimineas, fire pits, to fire bowls – they all make a fantastic central feature for your party. However, it is of course important that you take the appropriate safety measures when doing this. Fuel wise: you can use logs, compressed pallets coal/charcoal. Most importantly, don’t forget your firelighters and kindling. Create that glowing base and then slowly add logs or coal to ensure a lasting flame for all those chilly hands and faces.

Choosing the Right Chainsaw for DIY Log Cutting

Webb Chainsaws

Fortunately, logs are readily available from most supermarkets, garages or even some corner shops. However, they can tend to be quite expensive for a relatively small amount – so how about creating your own? You can cut them to the perfect size for your own fire feature and even save them for the future. If you have access to a garden or area with fallen trees or branches – that should give you plenty for all night. The only thing you’ll need is a chainsaw.

Webb has two amazing chainsaws. One petrol, which is excellent for complete freedom to cut logs wherever you need it. Also, its 46cm cutting width and powerful engine means it can tackle any job 100% safely. The other option is an electric model, featuring 6 metres of cable, a 40.6cm cutting width and a 2200W motor. Both of these are excellent machines and give you more than enough power to utilise fallen trees or branches. Obviously, be sure to read the safety manual in-depth and use the correct safety equipment when operating these.

Autumn/Winter Garden Transformation

bonfire or Christmas garden party

This time of year, as the annuals finally give up and your perennial plants start to die back, it’s a great time to clear your garden. Once you find all the autumn debris has been shifted, you’re left with the permanent structure of your garden. This includes your evergreen shrubs, palms and the intricate structures of twigs and branches. Not to forget your additions like the garden ornaments and furniture.

Now you’re in the position of having whatever is left in your garden remaining through the winter. Luckily, this presents the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate your garden with some new decorations. This can be in the form of garden lights or special ornaments. You can even create your own in the form of suspended ceramic or metal ornaments, making use of old CDs. You don’t need to sit and look at a dull and uninspiring space over the colder months. Let your imagination run riot and create yourself a winter wonderland! So when nature says that’s it and everything starts to close down – why not say… “I don’t think so, the party is only getting started, and it starts right here!”

Stay safe and have a fab time over the festivities!


Adam Woolcott has over 30 years of experience as a professional gardener and has many accolades, but is probably best known for his four Gold Medals at The Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show and his three BBC/RHS People’s Choice Awards at the show (of which he is particularly proud) which he won as one half of Woolcott & Smith.

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