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 Lawn Care

Read Time: 2 Minutes. Written by Adam Woolcott   Adam has over 30 years of experience as a professional gardener and has many accolades, but is probably best known for his four Gold Medals at The Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show and his three BBC/RHS People’s Choice Awards at the show (of which he is particularly proud) which he won […]

The benefits of scarifying a lawn

August is the last official month of summer, and you may notice your lawn losing its luscious green look and starting to look patchy and yellow. Don’t despair though, yellow grass isn’t dead grass, and if you take the right steps in autumn, your lawn can be bought back to life. There could be a […]

No Mow May – what is it all about?

What is No Mow May and why is a business who sells garden equipment asking you to keep your mower locked up this month? especially when it is a well-known fact that grass and flowers grow quickly during Spring and Summer, and if you long for a green, lush grass lawn at home then regularly […]

The Basic Principles of Lawncare

It’s not as complicated as you think…. Lawncare The basic principle of lawn care is to carry out several straight forward routine tasks which are designed to keep the grass vigorous as well as attractive, which means that troubles are kept at bay. Thus, a proper maintenance programme is a series of trouble preventing measures […]

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